1958 Foundation of NIPPON KANSYOKI Co.,Ltd.
with joint venture of NHK Spring and Nakashimada Works
for the purpose of producing shock absorber for automobile.
1965 Company name changed to NIPPATSU SEIKI Co.,Ltd.
corresponding to diversification of products.
Increased capital to JPY50,000,000
1966 Start Production: PUNCHES for forming cross recessed screw head.
1971 YOKOTE PLANT newly established in Yokote city, Akita prefecture.
Start Production: BRAKE DISCS for motorcycles
1972 Company name changed to NHK PRECISION Co.,Ltd after merger with NIPPON TENPLET CO.,LTD.
Increased capital to JPY8,000,000
1973 ISEHARA PLANT newly established in Isehara city, Kanagawa prefecture.
Increased capital to JPY160,000,000
1974 Head office moved to Isehara city (Isehara Plant).
Start production: Gas-lifter and TORX
1975 Increased capital to JPY300,000,000
1982 Start Production: VANE for Power Steering Pumps
1983 Started Production: Connector for Optical Fiber
1985 Increased capital to JPY333,000,000
1986 Increased capital to JPY372,000,000
Start Production: Magnetic Disk Board
1988 Increased capital to JPY392,225,000
Start Production: Metallic Mold for Turret Punch
Start Production: Coated Punch with the C.V.D Method
1989 Start Production: CONE SPRINGS for Automatic Transmission
1990 Went public in over-the-counter market
Increased capital to JPY1,475,000,000
1991 Start Production: Gas spring
1994 Foundation: NHK PRECISION (THAILAND)Co.,Ltd.
1998 Obtained certification of ISO9002 regarding production of connector for optical fiber.
2001 Obtained certification of ISO9002 at Isehara Plant
Obtained certification of ISO9002 regarding production of Brake discs for motorcycles and Vane for power steering pumps.
2003 Obtained certification of ISO9002:2000 regarding production of automotive parts at Isehara Plant.
Obtained certification of ISO9002:2000 regarding production of Screw tools, Automotive parts, IT precision parts, and Industrial precision parts at Yokote Plant.
Change in organization: delisted / became wholly owned subsidiary of NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
2004 Head office moved to Numame Isehara city, Kanagawa prefecture.
2006 Obtained certification of ISO14001 at Yokote Plant
2007 Obtained certification of ISO14001 at Isehara Plant
2008 50th anniversary
2009 Reduce capital to JPY480,000,000
2012 Foundation:ASTRA NIPPON NHK PRECISION (Indonesia), a joint venture with NIPPON GASKET INDONESIA
Foundation:HANGZHOU NHK PRESICION Co.,Ltd. in China
2016 Foundation:PT. ASTRA NIPPON NHK PRECISION became wholly owned subsidiary of PT.NHK PRECISION PARTS INDONESIA ,in Indonesia
Relocate head office / factory :NHK PRECISION (THAILAND)Co.,Ltd
2023 Relocate head office / factory :PT.NHK PRECISION PARTS INDONESIA


2-1-49,Numame, Isehara-shi, Kanagawa, 259-1126, Japan
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